Learning the Language of the Body!

We would all like to feel good! It’s like going on a trip in a car, you get a Map, or now
you Google it on your phone maps app. and figure out how to get to your destination safely and on time. You might ask,” How can I do that with my Health”?

If you are fortunate enough to start young, you have a head start and since we all inherit things from our parents and Grand parents we need to learn, if we can, what those inherited things are, as many of the things we inherit will show in our eyes. You might wonder how is that possible ?. In my next letter I will fill you in on that secret.

You might compare the human body to a fine tuned piece of machinery, if treated right it will run smoothly. Treat it badly and it most likely will Break down. Let’s say you go skating or you are in an accident and you are dizzy and have a bad headache. You go to the Hospital Emergency Room, the Dr. looks at your eyes with a light and he tells you that you have a concussion. How does that register in the eyes? Perhaps the pupils do not react properly to the light. Or you have Allergy problems with congestion and Swollen glands and it doesn’t go away. Does that show in your eyes? Yes it does! Maybe your Aunt Mary or your Mom had the same problem. That shows in your eyes! Again how does it do that?

You’re going on a long trip and it’s all located in your eyes. The trip is a long one. There are many things to see and learn about and everything you see will be recorded. As you go on this trip your eyes will record it. First light goes in through your pupils and into the lens. The lens is like a lens in your camera. What is the first thing you want to see when looking at your eyes? Well you may see a lot of brown spots in the Iris. The Iris is the colored area of the eyes. What does that mean? And how did those spots get into my eyes to start with? As you can see you have lots of questions. I can answer those questions and you can learn all of those fascinating answers by taking my Iridology course!!!

Keep checking back for Letter #2

God Bless, Dr. Ann

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