My you have beautiful eyes!

Has anyone ever told you that? But you may wonder how did I get those eyes? Are they just to look pretty? Behind those pretty eyes there is as separate beautiful world! If you look at a newborn baby those eyes can tell you so much. You see that your newborn has blue eyes as most babies’ have when they are born. Blue eyes just means a lack of color. By the 7th month in the uterus, the iris of the eyes is functional. The iris of the eyes continues to develop up until the age of 6. The eyes are actually an extension of the brain. Actually the eye color is dependent upon the quantity of Melanin pigment present. Dark Brown eyes hide the Iris fibers. Your baby’s blue eyes may change color depending upon their genetic inheritance. As people get older sometimes we see spots in their eyes; this is referred to as Pigments. Pigments come from pigment releasing cells on the iris. Dr. Joseph Deck defines Pigmentation into 2 Categories Topo-Stable (specific area) and Topo-Liable (that being color and pattern more important than location). Pigments can have different colors. What those colors mean and why they are important, for instance:

  1. Light Yellow-problems with Urinary Metabolism.
  2. Orange_ Liver Malfunction Pancreas.
  3. Dark Brown- Liver Hepatic problems.

There are more colors that can be found in the eyes. There can be Pigments in the Sclera (the white portion of the eye). What can you do to help you when certain colored pigments are found in your eyes?

To begin with you need to know what the colored pigments mean. For instance seeing yellow in the eyes can mean a weakness in the kidneys. So what can you do to help the kidneys? Studying Iridology can help you with this. But there are other colors found in the eyes. Brown, Rust, very Dark Pigments. Orange and more!

Let’s say there is a flattening in the Pupil, the round dark circle in the middle of the eye, the flattening could be at the top of the pupil or could be at the bottom of the pupil or on either side of the pupil. When you look in the mirror, hopefully a magnifying one, and you see that your pupil has a flattening in a certain area you may wonder what that means. Could it have anything to so with headaches you may be having? Well yes it could. Are your eyes trying to tell you something? Your eyes are the mirrors of your soul and your body! If you want to learn more please take my course!


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