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Dear Dr. Ann Alene
This is a short thesis after my learning your Course of lridology. Course is perfect system of lridology, ,comprehensive and logical . It gives exact locations to all organs and systems and just right direction to investigation of health problems.

Digestive and Absorption System has 3 exponent :;

Wreath placement/normal,aionic, constricied
‘Wreath quality/Thin, Absence of wreath, Tick
Wreath shape/ jagged edge of Fushs, V-Line and Parallel Tracks/Analis of the exponents of Digestive and Absorption System gives information about definite /certain /conditions. For
example, constipation , poor assimilation of Nutrients, Lack of energy, tendency for appetite disorders, prone to inflammation of digestive tract, predisposed to Liver problems e.c.

Very informatively described Iris Types/Lymphatic, Biliary, Hematologic and more accuracy characteristic Sub-types of lymphatic, Biliary Eye, Sub-types by structure, Connective Tissue by Structure Sub-type. Every lris Types has certain traits, for example, Lymphatic Type – prone to allergies, cold, sinus problems, stomach and intestinal disorders, adrenal weakness, thyroid disorders. In practice its basis for adequate recommendations, for example, people with Lymphatic Type Eye need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily,eliminate sugar, wheat, dairy products, and use digestive enzimes before every meal, eat fresh and raw vegetables and juices, salads, vitamins, minerals and hearbs.

Sub-types the Lymphatic Eye gives more accuracy information about predisposed or disorders problems The Scurf Rims show skin disorders, weak kidney, circulation problems, suppressed skin
elimination, so people need to use only organic flax seed oil, cold pressed olive oil, cranberry juice,organic parsley tea e.c.

Pupil deformations, Flatness of Pupil and adequate problems described very informatively.

Characteristics of colors, shapes and locations of crypts and lacunae – important part of lridology because it often associated with severe problems: for example, weaknesses toward malignancies of intestinal tract or cardiac risk, Curve Beak Lacunae could indicate a weakness toward malignant tumors. Stairstep Lacunae could be a malignant sign where it is found…

Sindromes also associated with severe problems: Poly-glandular physical integrity, Cardio-Renial and Cardio -Abdominal problems.

Furrous Types, shapes and locations, gives information about irritated organs or spasms in this area, poor circulation to the brain e.c.
Lesson 22-Research of the Inner pupilliary Border. These studies are very interesting because it concern our spiritual life.

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