Jesse Torres

Dear Dr. Ann,
Your course has encouraged me to go back to the basics of healthy eating. By this, I am saying that I need to practice what I believe is the best for healthy living. Your course has taught me that the eyes are indeed the window to the soul. By looking into an individual’s eyes, I may be able to determine what avenue will be suggested in building a healthy body from the inside out. As a diabetic, I attempt to watch my intake on starches and sugar and your suggestions confirmed that I must remove these items entiiely from my diet. What I understand is that by the time an illness reaches the eyes, that it has been an ailment for some time. I learned benefits that I can apply for my own personal use and that of my family.

I am fascinated on how the eye can hold so much information. I am very interested in purchasing the light/lamp and better study the eye and refine my ability to use this course in reading the colored portions of the eye and determine what can be suggested towards a healthier way of living. Clearly, this practice takes dedication and commitment, and building the body internally is an essential and needed part in my life. I did find a couple of areas in the course where it may need a bit of revision – The course did not list zone 6. I may be mistaken.

All in all, I’m excited and encouraged and am benefiting form I course. I thank you Dr. Ann for making this course and certification available.

Jesse Torres

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