Luciano A. Nasso

Dear Dr. Ann Alene,
I’m sorry to call you “darling” at the beginning of my letter, but after I did and why their course of lridology I admire you as a professional person. For it is easy to see that when you prepared the training Iridology, is not only more scientific apart but your heart and desire to teach. lessons are understandable human and understanding, and more interesting and with the exercises at the end of each chapter reinforce learning and settles the matter presented. One of the most interesting I’ve studied in your course and I could deepen my knowledge and lesson number 2 when the eye is drawn, it is easier the identification of areas. Another important lesson and identify where the number 12 “Lipemia diathesis” where indetification cholesterol. So I want to thank for the opportunity and I feel very honored to have you as my teacher in the area of lridology.
Thank you for everything

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