Semiah L.S. Pizziolo-Faries

Introduction to mv iridoloy summary

Thank you, Dr Ann Alene, for this opportunity.

I think it was a blessing searching through the internet and finding this special offer you had on this iridology course.

Although I already took a correspondence course of iridology at the “Civas institute” in 2009, this course offered me the chance to learn iridology at the American way, which is in some way is a little bit different than the European iridology.

I really enjoyed taking this course, specially the way you bring it out. It really made it much more easy to understand IRIDOLOGY in every sense, in every way. I really appreciated the fact that you brought your nutritional advises to every iris type and iris structure. I definitely learned a lot more, that will help me on my way to practice iridology.

Enclosed to this introduction, you will find my summary of your course that I made which was necessary to obtain my certificate. Most of the work I did on Microsoft word, was scanned, in order to make some drawing possible!

I hope you will enjoy it to, as much as I did by taking your iridology course.

I thank you once again,

Sincerely yours,
Semiah L.S. Pizziolo-Faries

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