Walter Johnson

Thank you so much for offering this course online. What a great way for me to get started in lridology!

My lridolory Evaluation.

About 25 years ago along-time friend of mine told me she was seeing an iridologist. I said “a what?”

As foreign as that term seemed back then, it has recently taken on a whole new meaning. My first actual introduction of iridology and how the irises reflect the physical health of the body, came about 2 years ago along with a 160 hr Esogetic Colorpuncture (CP) course.

Peter Mandel, the founder of colorpuncture, used Iris mapping and then superimposed the right & left iris maps onto the forehead where the affected areas could be treated using templates for infusing lighted colored crystals. His book , opthalmotraphic Genetic Therap, describes how this is done and various effective treatments.

Colorpuncture introduces Iridology, but it doesn’t help one leam to read eyes. That is why I was attracted to Dr. Ann’s online lridology course. I also had to find a way to look into a client’s eyes and record what I saw and compare it to what the rest of the body was saying. It was one more tool to confirm a client’s health issues.The Iriscope helps me to pin point & record my client’s issues & then to follow the effectiveness of the CP treatments.

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